Demonstrators En Masse in Tel Aviv Demand Netanyahu Steps Down


Following police recommendations that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu be impeached on corruption allegations, nearly 2,000 left-wing demonstrators assembled in Tel Aviv demanding that the PM resign.

Investigators have pronounced that they had amassed enough proof to charge Netanyahu with accepting bribes, and breach of trust for supposedly receiving gifts from well-off businessmen amounting to around $283,000 (1 million shekels). Netanyahu also faces charges of conspiring with a newspaper publisher to bestow political string-pulling in return for more supportive reporting.

The PM is adamant that he is innocent, rejected the proclamation, and is brushing off calls that he either quit his job or abdicate state concerns to an acting PM pending the Attorney General’s decision on the commendations.

In a statement, Netanyahu said he intends to continue serving the state and Israelis dependably and with fortitude and from a deep awareness of safekeeping, since he is sure that eventually the truth will prevail.

Meanwhile, left-wing protestors calling for the resignation of Netanyahu again took to the streets as part of a series of so far 64 weekly demonstrations, mostly in Petah Tikva and Tel Aviv. They are appealing to Attorney General Mandelblit to charge Netanyahu, and insisting that the PM quit.

Brandishing posters reading “The corrupt government needs to go,” “corrupt politicians go home,” and calling Netanyahu “Crime Minister,” the protesters were responding to a civic appeal by attorney and political leader Eldad Yaniv to take part in the most recent protest in Habimah Square, Tel Aviv. Yaniv, who is a co-founder of left-wing party “New Country” (Eretz Hadasha), has been a front-runner in organizing the weekly rallies against Mandelblit and Netanyahu.

The rally was addressed by Assaf Hefetz, past Israel Police Commissioner, and Dorit Rabinyan, an Israeli author. It is also likely that singer Dana Berger will join the rally.

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